High-Level Care: A Summary of Recommended Service for Your Lamborghini Huracán

The extraordinary Lamborghini Huracán you purchased at Lamborghini Greenwich is engineered to provide you with incomparable performance. It's eminently capable of delivering the exhilarating power and acceleration of a naturally aspirated V-10 engine, while still giving you firm control and sheer driving fun.

The key step needed to fulfill that promise is regular service by a Factory Authorized Dealer like Lamborghini Greenwich in Greenwich, CT. We can give your Lamborghini factory-recommended parts and service and keep your vehicle current with the right service updates. To assure the consistency of your driving experience, each Lamborghini Huracán model should be serviced regularly according to this schedule, outlined in part below:

1 Year or 9,000 Miles

  • Replace engine oil and filter at least once a year
  • Comprehensive Inspection to Factory Specifications
  • Complete Factory Diagnostics

2 Years of 18,000 Miles

  • Replace Engine Coolant
  • Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil and Filter
  • Inspect and replace V-belt and Tensioner
  • Pollen Filters
  • Brake Fluid

3 Years or 27,000 Miles

  • Replace Engine Oil and Filter
  • Replace Gearbox Oil

Important Lamborghini Huracan Service Tip: How to Take Good Care of Your All Wheel Drive

Most Lamborghini Huracan models come with All Wheel Drive, so it might be helpful to know about a few guidelines for proper service. First, what's the difference between Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive? As you would expect, Rear Wheel Drive vehicles send power only to the rear wheels. All Wheel Drive Lamborghini Huracan models can engage all four wheels, but do that selectively, depending on how you're engaging with the road. Because it's a full-time system, All Wheel Drive provides better traction, handling and lateral stability.

Since power is being directed to all four wheels much of the time, there's a common misconception that tire rotation isn't necessary for All Wheel Drive vehicles.  But for many reasons, wherever you drive around Stamford or Norwalk, CT, that's simply not the case.

In an All Wheel Drive system, each wheel will often get a different degree of steering, weight dispersion and traction, which is why tires can wear at different rates. That's a key reason why tires still need to be rotated in an All Wheel Drive system, and the rotations are done differently than a Rear Wheel Drive system. In addition, an All Wheel Drive system has more fluids to check and unique alignment techniques.

The service professionals at Lamborghini of Greenwich know the right tire rotation and alignment patterns your Lamborghini Huracan model needs, as well as the fluid levels that need to be checked. So you can count on us to maintain your car correctly, including help with making your tires wear as evenly as possible. Ensuring that all four tires wear in a more uniform way puts less stress on the components of your All Wheel Drive.

The Advantages of Getting Lamborghini Service from the Experts: Lamborghini Greenwich

You already know that your Lamborghini Huracan is a very special supercar with advanced technology and superior engineering, so you wouldn't want just any repair shop to take care of it. At Lamborghini Greenwich, we are a standalone Lamborghini dealership, not part of a dealer chain selling many different makes and models, so we tailor the ownership experience to you.

The heart of our commitment is outstanding service. That's why we have a team of factory-trained Lamborghini specialists who know how to give each model exactly the care it needs. Naturally, we give your Huracan genuine Lamborghini parts, and we even make vehicle pickup and delivery a special experience. For example, you don't have to be there in person. We can bring your Lamborghini Huracan to our dealership on a special truck, so you avoid putting extra miles on your car.

Talk to us soon about setting up regular, factory-recommended service for your Lamborghini Huracan, and then go online or call us to schedule maintenance. At Lamborghini Greenwich, we can help make sure your Lamborghini Huracan keeps giving you all the extraordinary performance Lamborghini is famous for.

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